Fazioli Pianoforti

Aquiles delle Vigne

Aquiles delle Vigne

Dear Paolo Fazioli, I wish to thank you for the magnificent instrument you provided
for my recital at the Rimini - Misano Festival this summer.
After a concert tour in Spain, Salisburg and France I have communicated to the presenters
that your instrument was the very best of the entire concert tour. The piano’s character
is what I truly love. This piano is different from its great competitors. You know better than I,
that in our profession what really count is the personality, since “everybody can play the piano”.
This Fazioli piano has fully responded to my criteria of “being different”, being just that.
I believe that this is, along with all the other exceptional qualities, its stronger characteristic:
it is a piano that does not sound like any other. Thank you for thinking of it.
With my very best wishes to you and your team,

(Rimini 1998)

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